Traffic Alert: Expect construction delays this weekend

The Washington State Department of Transportation has warned Seattle residents that work crews will be taking advantage of the weekend weather to complete multiple road improvement projects.

The South King Slowdown

WSDOT’s work on I-5 in South King County has been in the works for so long that it has its own hashtag. The #SouthKingSlowdown between South 188th Street and South 219th Street will begin at 11 pm on Friday and continue until 5 am on Monday. Three southbound lanes will be closed in this area. Similar closures are planned for the next two weekends.

This closure is part of a project that will be rehabilitating aging concrete pavement. Workers will use heavy machinery to pound the half-century-old concrete panels, compact the rubble, and lay a new layer of asphalt over the roadbed. Closures will  move further into Tukwila in August. The scheduled completion date for this project is August 22nd, but this schedule is weather-dependent.

Express buses and carpools will be slowed down by the lane closures, as the high-occupancy lanes will be open to general traffic or closed. WSDOT is encouraging travelers to think about planning trips during lower-volume hours and using the Link light rail to reduce congestion.

weekend i5 closure

Image source: WSDOT

For more information, see the Washington State Department of Transportation’s project information.

Eastbound I-90 Lane Reduction

This weekend will also see a reduction of Eastbound I-90 lanes. Eastbound I-90 traffic will be reduced to one lane near Rainier Avenue South then rerouted to the express lanes from 11 p.m. on July 8th to 5 a.m. July 11th. This project is relocating the I-90 carpool lanes and laying the groundwork for future light rail expansion.

The I-90 express lanes will also close at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 11th for maintenance work. They will reopen eastbound by 2 pm.

For more information, see the Washington State Department of Transit’s Construction Information for I-90.

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