Section of Burke-Gilman trail closing temporarily

Update: This closure has been postponed.

A 100-foot section of the Burke-Gilman trail will be closed for the summer so that crews can complete preservation work on the Aurora Avenue Bridge. The bridge project requires work crews to store equipment for cleaning and repainting the bridge close to the work site, in the area immediately west of the Lake Washington Rowing Club. Officials have determined that it would not be safe for walkers and bicyclists to navigate around this heavy equipment.

A detour route had been planned that will take pedestrians and cyclists off the trail and onto North 34th Street.  The small U-Park immediately west of the rowing club will also be closed during this time. The equipment will be moved in order to open this section of trail for special events such as the Lake Union 10K, but it will be closed to normal daily traffic until work is finished on the bridge.

The closure will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 11th. This section of trail is scheduled by reopen by October 31st.


Image source: WSDOT

For more about reasons for the trail closure and recommended alternate routes, visit the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Blog.

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