New path on SR 520 will let you walk or bike across the water

new sr 520 bridge

Ever wanted to take a walk across the water? Thanks to a new pedestrian path on the State Route 520 floating bridge, walkers and bikers can share the experience of crossing the water without having to share the road. The path, which begins as an “out-and-back” trail in Medina, continues onto the bridge. Crews are working on connecting it to Seattle by summer of 2017.

pedestrian floating bridge

Planned progress for the final pedestrian path connecting Seattle with the east side. Image source: Washington State Department of Transit

Unlike the pedestrian paths on other bridges, which force everyone who’s not in a car to share a narrow lane, the path on the brand new floating bridge was deliberately built at an unusually wide 14 feet. That’s enough to accommodate foot, bike, and even stroller traffic.

Some locations along the bridge also have benches so pedestrians can sit and enjoy the view of the lake. WSDOT is in talks with the Department of Natural Resources about allowing people to fish from the bridge as well.

The bridge currently has no light rail traffic, but was built with future extensions of the Link light rail system in mind.

Top image: The new State Route 520 bridge. Image source: The Washington State Department of Transit

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