Human error to blame for Hood Canal Bridge closure

Traffic was snarled on Sunday by a seven hour closure of the Hood Canal Bridge, one of the only routes westward for weekend travelers getting out to the peninsula to enjoy the summer weather. A mistake made by a work crew caused the normally level deck of the bridge to list sharply to one side, preventing cars from crossing the bridge.

The source of the problem: one of four hydraulic valves was left shut, causing the bridge to tilt precariously. To fix the bridge, workers had to be sent in from Olympia to crank it by hand, a long process that left many motorists stranded and unable to reach their destinations on time.

Business owners in Kingston told reporters that Sunday was an unusually slow day for tourist destinations. Many businesses in the area rely on revenue from tourist traffic during the summer. Businesses in Port Gamble, on the other side of the closed bridge, did a brisk business from tourists unable to reach their planned destinations.

Image source: The Washington State Department of Transit


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